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In the past, if you wanted discount tickets to Broadway theater in NYC, you had to stand in line on the day of the show, often for hours, at the TKTS booth in Times Square. When you finally got up to the ticket booth, you might find after all that waiting that the show you wanted to see was sold out. Now you can get discounted tickets to the *best broadway shows* from the comfort of your own home with the help of Headline Tickets.

Why Buy Broadway Theater Tickets Online?

Buying Broadway theater tickets online gives you the ability to shop around for the best prices. We encourage you to search for the Broadway ticket prices on other websites and compare them to ours to find who offers the best deals. However, be careful when you shop, because many sites post a low ticket price and then add various fees at checkout. When you do a thorough end to end price comparison, you'll discover why so many people look to Headline Tickets for all of their discount Broadway theater ticket needs. At Headline Tickets, you pay only the cost of the ticket and the delivery method you choose, and we never add extra fees at the end, so you always know up front exactly how much you will pay when you click to make a purchase. 

If you purchase tickets through us and your plans change, in many cases you may have the option to resell the tickets through us. You might just make someone's day by making available tickets to a show that they wanted to see that was previously sold out.

You'll save time and money purchasing your theater tickets from Headline Tickets, and we've got tickets to all of the current Broadway shows. 

Tips For Getting the Broadway Musical Tickets

Shop early to get the best access to good seats at great prices. It can also be helpful to start clicking on the ticket pool early instead of waiting for the cheap tickets to go on sale, because this helps the site recognize what you are looking for to alert you when the tickets are released for sale online. 

Open multiple browser windows or tabs to compare ticket prices and seating locations on various sites or on ours. This can speed up your ability to find the right deal, as clicking back and forth between options in the same window takes a lot of extra time and you may miss out on a deal that comes up because you were looking elsewhere and couldn't get back in time.

Familiarize yourself with the venue and the seating charts to determine which seating areas are preferable for you.  

Mobile Apps

To save you time and offer convenience, we offer mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices to ensure that you will have instant access to the hottest Broadway shows on the go so you don't have to sit in front of your computer at home or at work waiting to purchase discounted Broadway tickets. Download the app today so that you never miss out on great tickets at low prices simply because you were on the move and couldn't get to your computer.

Save Even More

Be sure to always check out our Discount Code page to save even more money! We have multiple codes available on any given day, and our codes do change, so you should always check the discount codes page before ordering to ensure that you get the lowest prices available.

Purchasing Tickets

Time is of the essence in purchasing discount tickets for popular Broadway shows. To ensure you don't miss great ticket deals because of delays in the process of entering your information, be prepared with credit card, address and and any other relevant information before you sit down to purchase tickets. Decide beforehand if you will want to purchase ticket insurance to avoid delays. The better prepared you are with all of the necessary information, the better your chances to ensure that you can get the best seats available at the best prices.

Check Back Often

If we sell out of tickets for the show you want to see, make sure to check back often, because often people purchase tickets but their plans change last minute. Because we offer the option for customers to resell their tickets, you may find last minute that the sold out show you want to see suddenly has tickets available.

What Are the Best Current Broadway Shows in New York?

Cirque du Soleil Paramour
Shuffle Along
The Lion King
Les Miserables
A Long Day's Journey into Night

What Was the First Broadway Theatre?

The history of Broadway theater dates back to the 1700s, when when actor-managers Walter Murray and Thomas Kean established the first resident theatre company at The Theatre, downtown on Nassau Street. The Theater held just under 300 people and presented Shakespeare plays and ballad operas. More theaters were built during the 1800s as demand for entertainment increased in Manhattan. Beginning in the 1900s, more theaters were built in what is now known as the Theater District area of Broadway, which is located between 42nd Street and 53rd Street in Midtown, all around Times Square. The Broadway theaters in the Theater District used electric signs with bright white lights to advertise shows, so the Broadway Theater district became known as "The Great White Way".

What Should I Wear to a Broadway Theatre?

Many people love to dress up to go to the theater and make an elegant evening of it. However, there is no dress code in Broadway theaters, so if you have a ticket you will be admitted. New York City is a pedestrian city and tends to be very casual with regard to dress, with people coming from all walks of life and who may be going out for the evening straight from work or from some other destination. Broadway theater venues are no exception. Many people prefer to wear whatever is most comfortable for them when they go out to the theater or other entertainment venues. Broadway theaters tend to be highly air conditioned, so jeans are common attire, and it might not be a bad idea to bring a sweater if you tend to get cold easily.

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