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September 21, 1998 is a day that sticks in the minds of baseball lovers everywhere, not for what happened that night, but what didn't. Cal Ripken of the Baltimore Orioles, after playing in 2,632 consecutive games, didn't take the field. He opted to take himself out of the starting lineup and didn't announce he was doing so. He was in the lineup that night, but chose to go to his manager and say it was time for him to sit out. The fans didn't even realize that he wasn't playing until after the first out of the game, and it was the opposing team who alerted them. The Yankees came out of the dugout to applaud Ripken and that's when it became clear. It's a moment baseball lovers who witnessed it will remember forever, and many were probably there with the help of cheap MLB tickets.

Finding Cheap Baseball Tickets Today

Over the years, it has become harder to find cheap MLB tickets with no fees. Major League Baseball (MLB) witnessed a 3.3 percent hike in the average ticket price in 2016, making it the largest increase in a six year period. During 2015, fans could expect to pay, on average, $28.94. The Boston Red Sox, an extremely popular team, charged the most for their tickets, with the average seat going for $52.34, and the Yankees weren't far behind, charging an average of $51.55.

For those who preferred to take advantage of a Fan Cost Index package, one that included 4 tickets with an average price, four dogs, four small pops and two draft beers, two hats for adults and parking, the price also varied by team in 2015. Again, the Red Sox charged the most, requesting $350.86 for the package. In contrast, Arizona charged the least, only asking $126.89 for the Fan Cost Index package. One thing that was different that year was the program was no longer included as part of the package.

Fun Baseball Facts

Imagine buying MLB tickets with no fees and heading out to a game where the youngest player is only 15 years old. Although this couldn't happen today, it has in the past. A 15 year old holds the record for being the youngest to play professionally in the sport, while the oldest player in MLB history was 54 years old. Nolan Ryan earned a reputation for most wild pitches thrown in MLB play, as he logged 277 over his career, and Hughie Jennings was hit more than any other player by pitches, getting hammered 287 times during his MLB career. Although the last two statistics aren't ones players are likely to brag about when they recollect the good and bad times of their career, any fan would enjoy saying they were at one of the games where these events happen, as they don't happen as often as many imagine. With the help of cheap MLB tickets with no fees purchased through Headline Tickets, anyone may find that are at a game that ends up with a place in this great sport's history.

Famous Baseball Players

Kids today may eat a Babe Ruth candy bar without having any clue who it was named for. As they grow, however, this is a name they will likely hear when someone starts talking about baseball. He hit more home runs than many teams did in an entire season and changed the game in numerous ways. Willie Mays is another player that would be considered one of the greatest of all times. He could play any position and do so at a level that most players couldn't match. Lou Gehrig is considered by many to be the greatest hitter of all time until his career was cut short by ALS, a disease more commonly referred to today as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

These are only a few of the many great players who have graced baseball fields across the nations. Others would say Pete Rose and Hank Aaron should be on this list, and Cal Ripken and Shoeless Joe Jackson cannot be overlooked. Joe DiMaggio, Cy Young, Derek Jeter and Mickey Mantle are also fan favorites who many people feel should be on a list of the top ten players of all time. Regardless of who a fan would put on their list of the top ten players, any MLB game played today could be one that features a future hall of fame player. That's why it is so helpful to find MLB tickets with no fees to games throughout the year.

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