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NCAA Football Tickets

In your personal opinion, what's the most wonderful time of the year? If you've landed here on the Headline Tickets website, the answer is most likely football season! You're not alone; in fact, more than 172,200,000 other Americans share in your anticipation of Labor Day week. Actually enjoying the action in person could set you back a mortgage payment or two depending on the game you're hoping to see, but we're here to help keep you from diving into major debt. With our cheap college football tickets, you might even find the extra cost of food, drinks and memorabilia won't hold you back.

Browse our selection and keep in mind, the prices you see are all-inclusive. We won't get your hopes up only to surprise you with hundreds of dollars in hidden fees at checkout.

A Modern Take on the World of Football

What could be better than gathering together a few of your closest college football enthusiasts and gluing yourself to the screen every Saturday night? You get to pick the food, drinks and company. Turn up the heat, or air conditioning if you live in the South; don your jerseys, jeans and fuzzy slippers and revel in the comforts of home while cheering on your favorite team.

Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, we can even stream games live to our phones and tablets no matter where we are in the country. When it comes time for a bathroom break, simply pause the action until everyone is ready to continue. We even have the luxury of recording games, avoiding all contact with people and social media and watching it all unfold at our own convenience.

Well, according to upwards of 50 million game-goers each year, even the amenities and freedom of choice can't compare to the sights, sounds, smells and excitement of actually being there in person. Of course, that's assuming you can afford to witness those game-changing moments from the stadium. When you come to us for cheap college football tickets, it's entirely possible!

College Football Price and Attendance Stats

With the surging average price of tickets through traditional avenues in mind, the number of spectators outside the realms of the playing field jumped quite a bit in 2015. Figures for 2016 have yet to be released. Television networks like ABC and the ESPN empire saw a 4 percent increase in at-home viewers over the previous year while online streaming skyrocketed more than 50 percent.

More than 7.3 million people tuned in to FOX to watch Stanford's domination of Notre Dame on November 28. It went down in history as the most-watched game ever on FOX. Speaking of Notre Dame: if you're a fan of this particular team or one going up against them, you can expect ticket prices to double for games involving this school.

This year's second game of the National Championship had folks lining up in the virtual world to pay anywhere from $450 to $650 for a firsthand look at what would happen when Clemson met Alabama on the field. For Tigers fans, it was money well spent; still, this was deemed the least expensive game of the season. Michigan and Ohio State fell on the other end of the spectrum with a median price of $539 per attendee.

That's why we're here! You shouldn't have to shell out exorbitant amounts of money just to see your favorite team in person. Let our cheap college football tickets get you there without maxing out your credit cards.

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Memorable College Football Games

First off, let's venture all the way back to November 6, 1869 when Rutgers and the team we now know as Princeton faced one another on the field before all of 100 spectators. No, you won't see clips from this battle during any pre-game shows. It wasn't even televised. You won't hear commentators reference any Earth-shattering plays from the game or mentioning any conference-wide upsets taking place on this day in history.

What, then, makes this face-off so special? This is where it all started! It was the very first college football game, setting the wheels into motion for the nationwide institution we know and love today.

More than a century later, the 1977 season opener between Notre Dame and Pittsburgh still has fans reminiscing. Early on in the fourth quarter, a 9 - 9 tie brought supporters of both sides to the edges of their seats. Terry Eurick squeezed in a touchdown after a tie-breaking field goal from Dave Reeve, and Notre Dame walked away with the victory.

Fast forward almost 30 years, and you've got a front-row seat to the September 10, 2005 match-up between Texas and Ohio State. From a purely numerical standpoint, the score was a virtual tennis match if you'll pardon the expression. Near the end of the game, the Longhorns gained possession of the ball, and Vince Young sent it soaring to Limas Sweed. Texas came out on top by only three points.

Remarkable College Football Plays

Much like the games themselves, the most fabulous plays of all time are largely a matter of opinion. That being said, it's difficult to ignore Tommie Frazier's mark on Sun Devil Stadium during the Nebraska-versus-Florida clash of 1996. Frazier managed to shake off a number of would-be tackles and evade plenty more to score a record-breaking 75-yard touchdown.

Let's not forget the annual rivalry between Clemson and the Gamecocks back in 2015. In true star quarterback fashion, the Tigers' Deshaun Watson catapulted the ball 55 yards to wide receiver, Deon Cain. Clemson went on to defeat South Carolina by five points.

This brings us to the 2003 encounter between Georgia and Tennessee. The Vols generated an unfortunate fumble, and Bulldog Sean Jones literally seized the opportunity. He essentially snatched up the ball and ran the entire length of the field to score a touchdown for a play that had even the football-illiterate among us standing on their coffee tables, screaming, "GO, GO, GO!"

You Could Witness Incredible Plays of the Future in Person

Thousands of fans have the privilege of saying they were sitting in the stands during those amazing games and individual plays as well as countless others in college football's time line. We bring you cheap college football tickets, so you can see history in the making without breaking the bank. Check out our lineup for the games on your wish list, and enjoy the freedom of shopping without having to worry about hidden fees.