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According to Statistic Brain, a person cannot attend the Super Bowl in person without dropping a minimum of $800 on each ticket. As a result, these tickets remain out of the reach of many, With the help of HeadlineTickets selling cheap NFL tickets, a person may find they can attend multiple games in a single season. It's a matter of knowing where to find NFL tickets without fees, and we can be of great help with this.

NFL Ticket Statistics

Statistic Brain goes on to report 33,696,000 NFL tickets are sold every year, bringing in annual revenue of $2,739,744,000. The average price for a ticket comes in at $81.54, with New England Patriots tickets selling for $122, on average. Individuals looking to attend a Dallas Cowboys home game may find it difficult to obtain tickets at any price, as they have the highest average game attendance at 91,169. Although these numbers may vary slightly by year, they do give individuals an idea of how much it costs to attend a game of this type. Thankfully, with the help of cheap NFL tickets, a person may find they can save money on the cost of admission and spend more on souvenirs that show what a great time they had at the event.

Memorable Super Bowls

Many fans consider Super Bowl XIII to be the best of the best. The Pittsburgh Steelers hung on to win the contest 35-31, but the Cowboys gave them a fight. Roger Staubach continued to push until the very end, attempting to overcome Jackie Smith's mistake when he dropped the ball in the end zone, but this is only one thing that made this game truly memorable. Randy White fumbled the kickoff, which many believe was due to his playing with a cast on his arm, and Terry Bradshaw put in a stellar performance. People buy cheap NFL tickets in the hopes of seeing a game such as this in person.

Other fans, however, believe Super Bowl XLII topped that game. In this contest, the New York Giants came out on top of the New England Patriots, squeaking by with a 17-14 win. Small plays throughout the game really made a difference in this contest. David Tyree managed to trap a ball using his helmet, while Asante Samuel didn't get an interception because he was too focused on making sure his feet came down in the right position. Steve Spagnuolo, the defensive coordinator for the New York Giants, is considered the star of this contest by many. It was his outstanding front four and the way they were rotated throughout the same is what led to the Giants win, according to most.

Memorable NFL Plays

When it comes to memorable plays, there will likely also be a great deal of disagreement as to which are the best of the best. For many, it would be Gary Anderson's field goal miss in the NFC championship game in 1999, which led to the Minnesota Vikings losing the game. No one thought he would miss, as he made all 33 field goals he attempted that year and all 59 extra points. For some, the moment when the St. Louis Rams tackled Kevin Dyson on the one-yard line before going on to win the Super Bowl XXXIV is even more captivating. However, John Elway's airborne trip to obtain a first down before going on to win his first Super Bowl XXXII, a move that led to him being given the nickname Helicopter, is the most memorable for others, and there are many more that may qualify in the minds of fans. Each person has something that stands out in their mind, and everyone would like to be at a game where something of this magnitude happens. What you buy cheap NFL tickets, you may find yourself at a game with a play that is more memorable than any of these and one that will be talked about for decades to come.

Why Headline Tickets?

Purchase tickets from a scalper or a person selling them online and a fan may find they don't have a seat, as the tickets are fake. When a ticket is purchased through us, satisfaction is guaranteed, and we offer access to cheap NFL tickets to the hottest games. A veteran owned business, with a current rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau and scan our systems hourly to ensure customer information remains safe. We offer the lowest out the door cost on NFL tickets with no fees, and staff members remain on call from 8am to 1am to help customers when an issue crops up. Be sure to check us out today.

Saving In Every Way When Buying NFL Tickets

When a person goes to obtain tickets online to a football game they wish to attend in person, they may be excited to see the low prices on certain sites. They find the ideal seats, create an account and go to purchase the tickets. Imagine their shock when the final price comes up and a number of fees have been added, leading to the price going up significantly. This is never the case with Headline Tickets as we sell cheap NFL tickets with no fees. Customers see exactly what they will pay at checkout. A processing charge is added, yet is shown when the desired NFL tickets are selected. This is before an account must be created or any personal information entered, and consumers appreciate this. Furthermore, customers find they are able to purchase parking tickets on the site, so there aren't surprises when they arrive at the stadium in regards to getting in. Our goal is to make obtaining NFL tickets to a desired game easy, and offering tickets for parking is only one way we accomplish this goal.

Don't pay more than you absolutely must for cheap NFL tickets. Seeing your favorite team on the field shouldn't set you back financially, and we help to ensure that it doesn't. Visit the site today to see about purchasing tickets to a game. Once you see the prices and selection, you may find you want to go see your favorite team multiple times this year. We can help you do so easily.

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