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NHL Hockey Tickets

The Miracle on Ice captivated individuals across the globe, even those who never followed hockey. Nobody expected 20 college players to skate in and beat the best of the best, the Soviets, yet they did exactly this. It made the 1980 Winter Olympics an event that won't soon be forgotten. This is only one of many memorable events in hockey history, however. Most people know the name Wayne Gretzky, as he captivated people with his numerous records, and hockey continues to be a sport that many people follow today. Individuals looking for cheap NHL hockey tickets need look no further than Headline Tickets, as we offer great seats at amazing prices and never tack on a bunch of hidden fees.

Hockey As Compared to Other Professional Sports

Hockey remains competitive when compared to other professional sports, bringing in annual revenue of $3.7 billion, according to Statistic Brain. The National Football League (NFL) brings in $13 billion, Major League Baseball (MLB) $9.5 billion and the NBA $5.2 billion. Major League Soccer, a sport that appears to be on the rise, only brings in $461 million, in contrast. The average NFL player brings home $1.93 million a year, and the average NHL player brings home $1.54 annually. In comparison, the National Basketball League (NBA) player salary, on average, is $5.3 million. It's fascinating to see the difference between major sports that remain extremely popular in the country, and it's easy to understand why NHL tickets may be hard to come by, but we can help individuals obtain tickets to the desired game at an affordable price.

Ticket Cost

According to ESPN, the average general seating ticket for an NHL game sets an individual back $57.10 and the average Fan Cost Index runs $326.45. This package includes four tickets of average price, four small sodas, four regular hot dogs, two small draft beers, two programs, two caps for adults and parking. The Dallas Stars offer the lowest price on general seating tickets, as a person can expect to pay $29.94, and the team has the lowest Fan Cost Index at $223.78. On the flip side, general seating tickets run $123.77 and the Fan Cost Index runs $626.45. To save fees, individuals should first check Headline Tickets.

Famous Brawls

One reason many people love to attend hockey games in person is they are hoping to see a brawl. This sport is known for great fights, but some truly stand out in a person's mind. For example, on March 5, 2004, the Ottawa Senators and Philadelphia Flyers engaged in five fights in the last two minutes of the game. In fact, this match holds the record for most penalty minutes in a national hockey game and officials spend almost 90 minutes after the game trying to sort everything out.

Another memorable brawl was the one that took place on March 26, 1997 between the Colorado Avalanche and the Detroit Red Wings, Darren McCarty started the brawl when he sent Claude Lemieux to the ice, and other players quickly joined in. By the time the game was over, nine fights had taken place, leading to 144 penalty minutes. Individuals hoping to see a brawl of this type are sure to appreciate obtaining cheap NHL tickets with no fees.

The Stanley Cup

The Montreal Canadiens hold the record for most Stanley Cup games played, winning 24 of the 34 matches they have played in. The Detroit Red Wings come in a distant second, having reached the championship game 24 times, winning it 11 of those times. The Toronto Maple Leafs round out the top three, having reached the championship game 21 times, bringing home the Stanley Cup 13 times. Those who wish to attend this highly anticipated game should be sure to check out the available tickets on Headline Tickets to save money while achieving this dream.

Famous Hockey Players

Wayne Gretzky remains a name the majority of people know, yet there are other famous hockey players that may be forgotten until their name is mentioned. Alexander Ovechkin is one such person. Luc Robitaille. Bobby Orr, Gordie Howe, Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr and Bobby Hall all make this list, and there are numerous others. Imagine saying some time in the future that you were at the first NHL game of a Hall of Fame player or at a game where a player makes a hat trick. The odds of doing so go up significantly when you purchase cheap NHL tickets without fees through Headline Tickets, as you will be able to save on your tickets and possibly buy more to other games in which great players are taking part.

Why Headline Tickets?

Count on Headline Tickets for all of your NHL tickets needs. We guarantee your tickets will arrive in time for the event and that all tickets sold through our company are valid for entry and legitimate. In the event the tickets you ordered are unavailable for any reason, we provide you with ones that are better. If a game is cancelled and not rescheduled, your money will be fully refunded, and discount codes are available to increase the savings. We are a veteran owned business and maintain an A+ BBB rating, so you can feel comfortable ordering from us. Furthermore, we are a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers and we have staff on hand to address any issues, questions or concerns customers have.

Don't pay more than you absolutely must for NHL tickets. Not all ticket resellers are alike, and you need to remember this at all times. When you want to know the price you will be expected to pay at checkout right away, we are the site for you. We offer NHL tickets with no fees, so the price doesn't increase significantly when it is time to submit payment. Hidden fees on other sites can quickly make what appeared to be cheap NHL tickets costly, yet that is never the case with us. We are here to help you save money on tickets to NHL games, other major sporting events, concerts, plays and more. Be sure to browse our site today to see how much you can save.


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