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The Phantom Of The Opera Tickets

Based on the novel by Gaston Leroux, Phantom of the Opera continues to thrill individuals across the world. A deformed composer living in a cavern underground creates operas for a soprano performing on the stage. As her fame increases, a suitor from the past comes back, leading to the composer's descent into madness. He begins terrorizing the grand Paris Opera House where she is performing, and the opera star finds she is attracted to him. The compelling story helps to explain why this is the longest-running show to ever grace a Broadway stage and why so many wish to obtain tickets to Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera in New York and other stages around the globe.

Original Cast Members

Michael Crawford is well known for his portrayal of The Phantom on Broadway, and he has played this role in numerous locations. In fact, Mr. Crawford has performed as The Phantom more than 1,300 times and has won the Olivier Award, the Drama Desk Award, the Tony Award, and the Drama Critics Circle Award for his work. Sarah Brightman, the wife of Andrew Lloyd Webber, also started in the original production of Broadway's Phantom of the Opera and, in fact, the role was written for her. Along with Crawford, she first performed the role at Her Majesty's Theatre before moving to Broadway. Her portrayal of the soprano has been credited for the more than $17 million in pre-sale tickets for the show.

Current Cast Members

James Barbour currently serves as The Phantom in the Broadway production of Phantom of the Opera, Ali Ewoldt plays the role of Christine and Jordan Donica is Raoul. Barbour took over the role of The Phantom on February 9, 2015. Many know him from his performances in Beauty & the Beast, A Tale of Two Cities and Assassins. He has been nominated for numerous awards for his work and took home the LA Ovation Best Actor Award. Ewoldt and Donica both joined the cast on June 13, 2016. Ali Ewoldt is the first woman of color to assume the role of Christine and is known for her work in Les Miserables and The King and I. Donica hasn't had any roles on a major stage but has worked on smaller stages in South Pacific and Jesus Christ Superstar. Other cast members include Michelle McConnell, Kara Klein, Laird Mackintosh, Craig Bennett, Rebecca Eichenberger, John Easterlin and Christian Sebek.

Off Broadway Phantom Of The Opera Shows

More than 140 million people have now seen Phantom of the Opera in 35 countries. This show has now brought in more than $6 billion, thanks to its enormous popularity. This surpasses any stage play or film ever produced, and that includes huge hits such as Star Wars and Titanic. It has been performed in 15 different languages and will likely be translated into even more before it loses its luster. It is one show that everyone should see.


Fun Facts About Phantom Of The Opera

  • Becoming The Phantom is not an easy task. It requires two hours in the makeup chair before the show, and the actor must spend half an hour taking the makeup off once the show is done. The face must first be moisturized and closely shaved before the prosthetics can be fitted. In addition, the actor wears two contacts, one that is white and one that is clouded, two wigs, and two radio microphones.

  • The drapes consist of more than 7,300 feet of fabric and 740 feet of tasseled fringes. Each fringe is hand crafted and combed before it is used in the production.

  • Each performance takes a great deal of work. The cast dons 230 costumes throughout the show, 14 people work as dressers to assist them in this task, and the crew performs 22 scene changes. There are 120 automated cues and 281 candles that are used, and each production requires more than 550 pounds of dry ice as ten smoke and fog machines are employed.

  • To hold one show, 130 orchestra, cast, and crew members come together.

Phantom of the Opera is a show that is not to be missed. Individuals who have seen it quickly understand why it remains so popular. It is a production unlike any other and one that individuals will want to see multiple times. With the help of Headline Tickets, obtaining great seats doesn't have to a be a difficult task. Find the perfect seat today with our help, and you may find you want to see it again and again. 

Gross Revenue Per Year

Revenues vary by year for Phantom of the Opera, but there are many weeks where the show has grossed more than $1 million.

  • 1988-$26,345,159

  • 1989-$29,126,181

  • 1990-$30,316,206

  • 1991-$32,912,593

  • 1992-$34,288,838

  • 1993-$35,415,180

  • 1994-$35,721,748

  • 1995-$36,128,475

  • 1996-$35,801,260

  • 1997-$36,658,740

  • 1998-$36,354,939

  • 1999-$34,538,535

  • 2000-$34,941,859

  • 2001-$31,003,038

  • 2002-$28,932,348

  • 2003-$28,605,766

  • 2004-$30,558,522

  • 2005-$37,556,566

  • 2006-$40,790,346

  • 2007-$34,592,905

  • 2008-$39,044,221

  • 2009-$42,452,119

  • 2010-$42,237,079

  • 2011-$44,597,308

  • 2012-$47,458,151

  • 2013-$52,245,597

  • 2014-$48,926,507

  • 2015-$46,843,572

  • 2016-$37,917,337 (to date)
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