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We’ve all heard it. We’ve all been captivated by it. We’ve all been confused by it. Opera. It’s sung by the most powerful voices in the world in a language that most of us can’t understand. Thus, many are never willing to give opera the chance that it deserves, much less spend on Broadway tickets in NYC to go and see it. Yet if you’re an opera enthusiast, you understand that it’s much more than words to the song that matter; it’s the power of the voices behind them. If you could just get your spouse, partner, or family to understand that, then perhaps asking for Broadway show tickets for opera wouldn’t seem like such a crazy proposition.

The Best Operas for Beginners

Getting the important people in your life to invest in Broadway theater tickets for opera requires that you spark an interest in this genre of music within them. This may seem to be easier said than done, yet you’d be surprised at just how easily a great opera can win even the most staunch hater over. When introducing someone to opera, it best to start with the more popular operas that have a mass appeal. These include:

  • The Barber of Seville: It’s impossible to watch The Barber of Seville and not have fun. Within minutes of the curtain falling, everyone will be enjoying the hysterical antics of the hilarious barber and his counterparts. Plus, all will be familiar with the opera’s most famous song Largo al Factotum (The Figaro Song).
  • Carmen: The main theme from of this tale of a rabble-rousing gypsy has been heard by all in movies, songs, and other forms of popular culture. Everyone in the audience will be recall some of the show’s most familiar songs, such as Votre Toast (Toreador) and Habanera.
  • Aida: The grandeur of the story and sets of Aida serves to amplify the feeling conveyed in the songs. Plus, there’s a popular English-speaking musical of the same name that fans of the opera are also sure to enjoy.

Your Source for Opera Tickets

Once you’ve caught the opera bug, you’ll have it for life. We here at Headline Tickets will be there to support your opera addiction. We offer cheap Broadway tickets with no fees, ensuring your ability to enjoy the best operas sung by the strongest voices in the most amazing venues. Opera lovers need only call 855.438.7988 for the best cheap theater tickets.

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