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Theatre Festival Tickets


Few events are as quite as impressive as seeing a Broadway-style production in a modern, expansive theater. Yet for you theater fanatics out there, you all know that for all of the conveniences that today’s theaters offer, nothing quite compares to seeing theater performed as it was originally intended to be in a festival-style setting. If the only thing that’s been keeping you from enjoying local festival theater is the price, worry no more; cheap theater tickets can now be yours, thanks to Headline Tickets.

Why Festival Theater?

If you’re new to the concept of festival theater, you might be asking yourself why you should pay to sit outside in an open-air theater where the seats, sound, and other accommodations aren’t near what they’d be in a modern venue. Why wouldn’t you just buy Broadway theater tickets? Well, there are actually a number of good reasons why you might just end up enjoying a festival theater show even more than a modern production. Here are just a few:

  • Ambience: When you’re watching festival theater, you’re seeing drama and comedy performed the same way it was in the amphitheaters of ancient Greece all the way up to the time of legends such as William Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw.
  • Theatricality: What these productions lack in modern sound and lighting systems, they more than make up for in the quality of performance. These venues often serve to promote the work of young up-and-coming stage actors, script writers, and producers. Those you see on stage and behind the scenes at a festival theater today could easily be the ones you see on TV accepting Tony awards tomorrow.
  • Price: Because you’re not having to help meet the overhead of a large theater, you’re not having to pay for extra fees when buying tickets for festival theater. This allows you to enjoy festival productions at a price lower than even cheap Broadway tickets.

Festival Tickets at Fantastic Prices

Who says that the only way to enjoy good theater is by buying Broadway tickets in NYC? If you’re looking to enjoy top-level theater at a fraction of the price of traditional Broadway show tickets, give festival theater a try. Once you do, we’re confident that you’ll become a fan. We at Headline Tickets can get you seats for the shows that you want to see at the price you want to pay. Call 855.438.7988 to order yours today!

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